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Pediatric Dentistry - Dentist Paris TXIt is important to start dental hygiene for your child at a young age. Proper dental care and treatment early on will prevent decay and issues with the teeth later. Treatment is handled with great care and professionalism by the staff at our dental office. Dr. Del Toro puts both parents and children at ease with kind and educational visits and offers quality children’s dentistry so that families can be sure their child is in good hands.

Our dental team is vital in the role of your child’s oral health. We help you guide your child in oral health and hygiene. We put an emphasis on taking great care of primary teeth. It is often a misconception that these “baby teeth” don’t matter, but they are key to establishing good chewing habits, proper speech, and also creating space for the future adult teeth.

What We Do

Our experienced doctor and staff will also educate your child on how to keep their teeth healthy and strong. We teach parents about how to prevent cavities, disease, and other problems through a constant and sufficient home care routine.

We also monitor your child’s oral growth by tracking any developments we can predict regarding future dental concerns. We can intervene in enough time for prevention or treatment.

Prevention is pivotal in this form of dentistry. Catching issues while children are young saves headaches later. The greatest issue in oral health is tooth decay. With regular checkups and dental cleanings, we can treat young teeth with sealants and fluoride to prevent this kind of decay. Teaching the child the proper way to brush and floss is also a part of the prevention process. We know when to alert parents of thumb sucking and prolonged pacifier habits that could be costly later.

When to Begin Treatment?

It is suggested that parents should book an infant appointment about six months after the first tooth arrives and before the child’s first birthday. Even babies are at risk for tooth decay after the first tooth appears. Babies who drink breast milk, juice, formula or anything sweet can develop cavities. We can show you how to care for your baby’s teeth the proper way even when they are very young. Some parents are concerned about fluoride. We will balance the fluoride intake of your child appropriately.

For older children, we can talk about ways to provide the best oral health. We will review the current habits and perform a full examination of all emerging and already established teeth. We will provide a full cleaning and fluoride  will be applied.

Tooth Decay and Cavities

There are two main reasons why children experience tooth decay: poor dental practices and sugary diets. Cavities can be painful for children and should be treated right away to avoid periodontal issues. Keeping your child on a balanced diet should help. Also, you should make sure to apply a strong brushing and flossing routine along with routine check-ups for optimal results.

Sugary foods cause plaque on the tooth enamel. Plaque is full of oral bacteria that creates acid. The acid then attacks the enamel making it vulnerable to decay. If tooth decay is not treated quickly, it can develop into more harmful issues that can affect your child’s overall health.

If a child does experience a cavity, we will treat the cavity and restore the tooth with an esthetically pleasing, white filling to prevent the spread of any decay.

Primary Teeth

Even though children lose their primary teeth, their “baby teeth” are still important to their overall dental health. Parents should make sure their children are brushing and flossing at least two times a day and obtaining routine cleanings.

Cavity Symptoms

Sometimes cavities occur without any symptoms such as a toothache or they occur between teeth and aren’t visible. With our X-rays, we can quickly spot any decay or cavities that are occurring in your child’s teeth.

Some symptoms of cavities are:

  • Sensitivity to foods/cold or warm drinks
  • Waking often from sleep crying and in pain
  • Complaining of toothaches

Prevention at Home

Pediatric Dentistry - Paris TX Dentist

There are ways you can help in your child’s oral care at home.

  • Try to replace all sugary foods with healthy snacks
  • Avoid sippy cups and drinks at bedtime
  • Do not sweeten pacifiers
  • Brush and floss daily
  • Book routine check-ups

Set your child on the path to good dental health by booking exam services with our qualified staff today. To schedule your child’s appointment, simply call us today at (903) 732-0061, we look forward to speaking with you.


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