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Hello, Spring!

April showers bring May flowers…and allergies, too!! Millions of people experience seasonal allergies every year. Did you know that your allergies can also affect your oral health?


What Causes Seasonal Allergies?

For those that suffer with allergies year round, there can be many causes or allergens that trigger your allergic response. With seasonal allergies, though, the spring and the fall are the two times of year when allergy symptoms seem to flare. Trees and grass pollinate throughout the spring, ragweed pollinates in the fall, and mold sends out spores during this time as well. These pollination cycles are the culprit behind our bouts with pesky seasonal allergy symptoms. Most people endure long months of itchy nose, eyes, mouth, and/or throat, puffy eyes, sneezing and coughing during these times. These symptoms are the body’s hyperactive immune response to these seasonal triggers and allergens.

Allergies & Oral Health?

Some allergies manifest as tingly or swollen lips, mouth or tongue and even irritated gums, but with seasonal allergies the most common issue for oral health is a dry mouth. When we have sinus congestion, it forces us to breathe through our mouths instead of our noses. This results in a lack of saliva and causes a dry mouth. As we have discussed in our previous blog posts, a dry mouth is the enemy of a healthy mouth and can lead to tooth decay if left untreated. Our saliva is our first line of defense against tooth decay and gum disease.

What Can You Do?

Finding ways to avoid allergens whenever possible is best, but because they are often airborne that can be difficult to do. On windy days when most allergens are in the air, staying indoors can help limit your exposure to allergy triggers. Wearing a pollen mask while doing yard work and avoiding the use of window fans that bring or blow pollen and mold spores into your home can also be helpful. When you do find yourself in the throes of an allergy attack, be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and also chew sugar-free gum to help to stimulate your salivary glands. Your daily brushing and flossing routine is also a must during this time. Taking any anti-allergy medications recommended by your doctor or allergist will assist in minimizing your congestion.

Fighting Allergies Together!

If you are experiencing a dry mouth, as a side-effect of your seasonal allergies or for any other reason, call our office today! Your oral health is our #1 priority! Together we can develop a plan to keep your mouth healthy throughout allergy season…and all year long!! For all of your family, cosmetic or restorative dental needs, we invite you to contact Paris Family Dental. Call us today to schedule your appointment at (903) 732-0061! Visit us at 2333 Lamar Ave, Paris, TX 75460 to learn more about our team, our practice, and how we provide excellence in dentistry in our area.

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