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Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria

Though you may not be aware of it, at this very moment, there is a battle being fought inside your mouth to determine the destiny of your teeth. Luckily, you are the person who has control of this battle; you are the one who can turn the battle in your favor, determine the outcome, and become the victor.

The Guardian, the Invader, and their Allies

Tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the body, is the guardian in your fight against tooth decay. It is built to protect the inner layers of your teeth (the dentin and the pulp). However, as strong as this enamel is, it is also susceptible to acid erosion.

Your mouth is constantly being invaded by a naturally-occurring enemy: bacteria. Bacteria have allies in the battle to take over your teeth, and they are the sugars and carbohydrates that remain in your mouth after you eat a meal or have a snack. Sugar and carbs prepare the battleground for bacteria by leaving acid on the teeth, which weakens and wears down the enamel. This makes it easy for bacteria to march into the softer areas of the teeth and cause decay.

This may sound alarming, but enamel also has an ally—a built-in defender—that acts just like a barrier around your teeth. This ally is saliva. A lot of harmful bacteria are destroying and rinsed away before they can harm the enamel.

Other Allies in the Fight against Bacteria

Since there are some bacteria that do not get washed away in the saliva, there other things that must be done in order for you to win the war against tooth decay.

Reduce your intake of junk food. You may not know it, but sugar is highly acidic. When you eat treats, drinks, and processed foods containing sugar, you are actually creating an environment for bacteria to become bacteria-on-steroids. Instead of eating sugary foods, choose healthier snacks like fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole-grain breads, fish, meat, cheese, and eggs. The minerals and vitamins found in these types of foods fortify and strengthen tooth enamel.

Use fluoride toothpaste when you brush your teeth. Fluoride is a great ally in reducing the bacteria found in the mouth. What is more, it also aided in strengthening your tooth enamel.

Surrendering is not an Option

Winning the battle is up to you! Your teeth are vitally important to your physical and emotional well-being, so keep doing your best by eating healthy foods and by using fluoride toothpaste. And remember, you can also protect and defend your teeth by scheduling regular dental check-ups.

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