Dental Benefits Covered Under Superior Adult MEDICAID In Paris Texas

Paris Family Dental is proud to announce that several dental procedures and treatments are covered under Superior Adult Medicaid Paris Tx. The coverage will help those who are low income earners and are qualified under Medicaid. Aside from this, this program will also help those who are covered, receive the dental work they need. Dental benefits are now available to enrollees in Superiors three main programs which include: 

  • Star Plus – Star Plus covers those who are elderly or have disabilities and are low income.
  • Star Health – Star Health covers children and young adults in foster care.
  • Medicare Advantage – Medicare Advantage covers those with both Medicaid and Medicare.

Paris Family dental will be partnering with Superior HealthPlan to provide dental care to those who cannot afford it on their own. Our aim has always been to provide superior quality dental care to everyone regardless of financial means. Below is a list of procedures and treatment covered under Superior HealthPlan dental benefits.

STAR PLUS: The dental benefits covered under this program include one dental exam per year, an emergency exam, x-rays and extractions.

Medicare Advantage: The dental benefits covered under Medicare Advantage include several services. These services include full-mouth x-rays, fluoride treatments, two comprehensive oral exams, and two cleanings per year. The plan also includes a $500 annual benefit for additional dental services.

Why Are the Dental Services That Are Covered Under Superior Adult Medicaid important? 

The services covered under Superior Adult Medicaid are very beneficial to preventing serious dental problems. Below is a list of the services and their benefits:

  • Dental x-rays – Dental x-rays are an important benefit because they allow the dentist to see dental problems that can’t be seen with the eye. These dental problems include decay and bone loss. 
  • Comprehensive oral exam – During an exam the dentist is able to check for decay, gum disease, lesions, cancer, or other oral problems. 
  • Fluoride treatments – Fluoride treatments are a wonderful service because they help strengthen teeth and give teeth an added protection against decay. 
  • Cleanings – Having two cleanings covered a year is beneficial because it keeps the teeth and gums clean and helps prevent little dental issues from becoming bigger. 
  • Extractions – Extractions are used to remove a diseased tooth and get a patient out of pain.

Here at Paris Family Dental we strive to provide the best care for all our patients. Our office in Paris TX is dedicated to the comfort and care of all those we see and treat. If you are covered under Superior Adult Medicaid and are interested in learning more about what is covered under that plan, contact our office today.

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