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White Spots: Causes and Treatments

  WHITE SPOTS: CAUSES AND TREATMENTSHave you seen white spots on teeth before? What are their causes, and is it possible to remove them? Let's find out. What causes white spots on teeth? Fluorosis It refers to a type of dental issue that may arise when children...

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Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria

Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria Even though you may not be aware of it at this precise moment, a battle is taking place inside your mouth to determine the fate of your teeth. This battle has been going on for quite some time. You, fortunately, are the one who is...

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Seasonal Allergies & Your Oral Health

Seasonal Allergies and Oral Health ConnectionHello, Spring! The spring showers bring the blooms of May, and along with them are allergy symptoms! Seasonal allergies affect the immune systems of millions of people every year. Did you know that your allergies can also...

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How do You Benefit from Having Straight Teeth

HOW DO YOU BENEFIT FROM HAVING STRAIGHT TEETH Many people strive for the perfect smile. Most people associate the perfect smile with straight teeth. Straight teeth make an amazing smile it also has other benefits to having straight teeth. When a person has crooked...

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Dental Implants

A common frustration that we hear in regards to dentures or partials is the fact that they can occasionally slip in the mouth when going about your daily activities like eating, or speaking. One possible alternative if you are missing a tooth or teeth is to have a dental implant.

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What Is The Hardest Substance In The Human Body?

Many people may think that human bone is the hardest substance in the body. Human bone takes on the task of carrying around most of a person’s body weight. This would require a lot of strength. However, there is a substance in the body that is even stronger than bone and that substance is what protects human teeth. This substance is called tooth enamel.

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Tooth Sensitivity

To a lot of people, the thought of enjoying a delicious bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day or a warm beverage on a cold winter day can sound amazing. However, to a person suffering from tooth sensitivity, these delicious treats can make them cringe.

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Plaque vs. Tarter

PLAQUE VS. TARTER IS PLAQUE THE SAME AS TARTAR? Many people may not understand the differences between plaque and tartar. Many people may not even know there is a difference. A lot of people think when they are told they have tartar build-up on their teeth that it’s...

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Wisdom Teeth Knowledge and Fun Facts

WISDOM TEETH KNOWLEDGE AND FUN FACTS No one ever thinks of wisdom teeth as being an interesting topic to discuss around the dinner table. Even though wisdom teeth information doesn’t seem like an exciting topic it is good for a person to know a few facts about them....

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